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Bath Soak

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Bath Soak - 80gram
Bath Soak - 500gram
Bath Soak
Bath Soak
Bath Soak - 250gram

Relax and unwind, soak away your sore body and cluttered mind in our Bath Soak. Made with 100% local, natural and organic ingredients and pure organic essential oils, our Bath Soak is extremely effective in relieving tired muscles and leaving you feeling blissfully relaxed. Grab a glass of wine and book throw some scoops of Bath Soak in and enjoy some well deserved me time.

Available in our stunning 500g refillable glass amber bottles.
250g Traveler pack
80g Trial pack
Wooden scoop included with 500g 

Dead Sea Salt
Himalayan Pink Salt
Magnesium Flakes
Organic Pink Rose Petals
Organic Sweet Orange
Organic Lavender
Organic Lime
Organic Lemon
Organic Rose Otto

Our Bath Soak contains 100% organic essential oils, please consult doctor for use with children, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.